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IV Nutritional Therapy Specialist

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IV Nutritional Therapy provides supplemental vitamins and micronutrients into your body through your vein (intravenous) to improve your body's state of health and overall well-being.

IV Nutritional Therapy Q & A

Most people generally consume their micronutrients and vitamins through their food and we encourage you to continue to do so, especially if sourced from whole food. When micronutrients and vitamins are ingested orally, they go down to the stomach and small intestines where they are broken down by gastrointestinal enzymes and then absorbed into the bloodstream. This process is optimized when the vitamins and micronutrients are whole food sourced. Factors that may impact the amount of vitamins absorbed from the intestines are an individual's metabolism (especially passage through the liver), health and length of the small intestines, age, genetics, and interactions with the other orally consumed products and medications,

With IV Vitamin and Micronutrient therapy, the vitamins and minerals avoid the metabolism in the intestines and liver, and get into the bloodstream faster with the individual gaining the full benefits sooner. The treatment usually takes between 30-90 minutes depending ‘on the infusion rate and the total bag volume, and usually involves minimal pain, with the IV infusion administered through a small butterfly catheter needle which is held in place with a piece of medical tape.

The Basic Myer’s Cocktail (first introduced by the late John Myers, MD in the early 80's) includes Vitamin B Complex (B1, 2, B3, BS, and B6), Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, and Zinc in a Normal Saline solution. The premium Myer’s cocktail is the Basic version plus Glutathione, an antioxidant that facilitates many key processes in the human body.

Benefits: For the most part, the components are generally well-tolerated and anyone can receive an IV infusion. The frequency dosage or mixture is customizable. Frequency of administration range from twice weekly, to weekly, to occasional treatments every 3-4 months, all depending on the person's needs and response. Studies have found that the following may benefit from IV Nutritional Therapy:

  • Athletes before and after major sporting events or individuals performing strenuous athletic exercises
  • Individuals that feel run down and suffer from chronic low energy
  • Individuals suffering or recovering from illnesses
  • Individuals suffering from chronic fatigue
  • Individuals suffering from mood disorders such as anxiety and depression
  • Individuals that seek relief from hangover or withdrawal symptoms
  • Individuals that require intravenous hydration

Risk: IV Nutritional Therapy has relatively mild side effects, and aside from mild discomfort at the IV infusion site, depends on the ingredients (mostly caused by magnesium and occasionally calcium) and the rate of infusion:

  • Warming or “flushing” sensation on the skin of the face, chest or pelvic area
  • Lightheadedness (hypotension or low blood pressure)
  • Vasovagal reaction (fainting)